Color Grading Academy for Final Cut Pro X

taught by Denver Riddle
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Cedric Ingram

Well Worth The Investment

I'm happy with the content in this course. Tutorials are one thing, but the practical hands on part of this course drives the lesson home.

JJ DeBenning

Terrific Color Grading Techniques

Wow, so many wonderful practices and techniques shared in this course! There seems to be almost too many terrific techniques to digest at once, and I love the fact that I'm able to go back to any of the course materials, unlimited amount of time, ...

Jordan Isaacs

Great Course

I really enjoyed that it was very informational but also that we utilised real footage. Didn’t realise that fcpx had that much to offer in terms of colour

Cedric Ingram

I'm happy with the content in this course. Tutorials are one thing, but the practical hands on part of this course drives the lesson home.

JJ DeBenning

Wow, so many wonderful practices and techniques shared in this course! There seems to be almost too many terrific techniques to digest at once, and I love the fact that I'm able to go back to any of the course materials, unlimited amount of time, ...

Jordan Isaacs

I really enjoyed that it was very informational but also that we utilised real footage. Didn’t realise that fcpx had that much to offer in terms of colour

Jeffrey Rothstein

Alistair Farrant

Insightful and clearly explained. I have learned way more than I expected. This a resource that I will revisit often to hone my skills and understanding.

Daniel Parker

I have been editing for about four years and have watched dozens of YouTube videos on color grading without feeling like I had made much progress. Just having completed module one, I feel like I have learned more than everything I have previouly ...

Nicolas El Koubi

Took the course over 3 weeks and it allowed me to step up my game and understand what I am doing when color grading. On the plus side : - The videos are well made and paced so you learn step by step, without ever feeling overwhelmed or lost....

Jose de los Rios Leal

In this great course I learned what you can do with FCPX color tools and how interesting and complex color grading can be it. I thought that color tools included in FCPX was only "acceptable/decent" plugins but I was wrong: it's worthy to learn...



Thanks so much Denver, Module 2 completed and I am very happy with what I have achieved up to now!!

Mohammed Alhumud

Thank you for the great info you input, i have realized some courses have old version of final cut and there are some missing things like HSL Masks Technic missing ETC, also i have seen on another Courses About Keying Masks a Different...

luis libran

great coarse

Menelisi Potwana

Really great way to demystify and wrap one's head around color.

Atiba Francis

Luis Quinones

Jorge Hernandez

Great information !!! Honestly, there is no way you would find this info anywhere especially in Youtube which is where most of us would go search for. Great work Denver. I am excited to start module 2

Stanley Krzywonos

The materials that were provided for the use of practice was incredible. The lessons were designed in a very comprehending way and was easy to follow. No doubt, I will be going over this course a number of times to really internalize and solidif...

Chris Sydney

I really like how I can go back and rewatch videos until I get right. Wished I had signed up earlier.

Tom Som

Thomas Johannesson

Now I have gone through the course the second time, the puzzle has become clearer but because English is not my native language I will have to go through the course again. Still, I want to give Denver an opportunity for his educational way of tea...

Shawn Karsowinangoen

Ohmy! This was the best module! Really wonderfull way of explaining! This module convinced me to look for even more courses from Denver.

Jules Hart

Excellent! I'm glad we're going to deep dive next because if we stopped here there are a few things I didn't fully get. But the information is clear, well-presented, and comprehensive.

Justin Spencer

I'm really enjoying this course. It's easy to follow and guides you effortlessly thorough some fairly complex topics. The science behind color is fascinating and to see it work so perfectly with design is incredibly rewarding.

Estes Tarver

So far I love it. Very Practical and useful.

Paul E

With These Skills I'm sure to make an impact in my career. Very insightful & motivating continue this course. The skills learned from the first module alone is indeed mind-blowing.

Anthony Berube

Fantastic step by step tutorial! Easy to understand! Everything is broken into sections for quick reference later on! Besides color grading I also learned a lot of cool features within FCPX I didn't know existed! Highly recommend this for all and ...

Donnie Earl

excellence way of breaking down the different parts of color grading.

Horeb Uyanga

Really appreciate to be privilege to know about the Academy, it a big step to my video making, i learnt a lot, upgraded myself

Michael Garcia

AMAZING dive in for people just starting off or even more advanced, touches on all the essentials in a clear, cut and quick way. Can easily binge watch these lessons. powerful knowledge to have and you'll definitely standout amongst your peers sim...

Michael Owen

This Module was informative and easy to follow. It was great to learn all about the various ways to color grade footage without it being too much like a science project.

Daniel Pouesi

Best investment I've made to improve my editing. Can't wait to apply the lessons to my next project. Thank you so much.

Lawrence Kerr

A great place to start and learn good fundamentals.

Luca Acerbi

john paul alquisola

I love this class!!! but i needs improvements for users. 1. Bookmarks so we can go back easily to videos we like to focus 2. Notes - so we can be reminded of the terminology used

Denver Riddle
Denver Riddle

About the instructor

Hi I’m Denver. Yeah I know like the city and no I wasn’t born or conceived there :P In high school I borrowed my grandmother’s digital camcorder (the first "MiniDV" camera to the market which technically belonged to the university where she taught) and made extreme sports videos with my friends… luckily we returned it in one piece… She still doesn’t know what exactly I was using it for, shhh our little secret ;)
From that moment forward I knew that I was destined to create things with video to either capture experiences or tell powerful stories. When I discovered color grading I felt like it was a powerful extension of what I was capturing on camera. A way to enhance the story and one of the keys to making it look like a big Hollywood production.
And so I decided to pursue a career as a colorist but quickly found there weren’t many resources or many people willing to help. It seemed like it was some sort of elitist club where you had pay your dues as an ‘assistant’ for a decade before you got a crack at the big fancy control surface.
Well the good news is that isn’t the only way to do it and I did NOT do it that way. I learned that armed with the right techniques and some practice it can really go a long ways and where it took me years to discover some of the techniques you can start learning them today!
I’ve had the pleasure of working with various clients and fortune 500 companies, from national commercial spots to feature films, from the U.S. Ski Team to Facebook and Instagram. I've been able to help thousands enjoy what I love and you can trust my experience and my commitment to hold nothing back.
Do something great today and create what you love!

(For Final Cut Pro X versions 10.4 and later)

Why Can't I Color Grade Like That?

Chances are you're either a filmmaker or an editor and you handle all of you're own color grading inside of Final Cut Pro X (the buck stops with you). But you might be feeling frustrated when you're not getting the results that you're looking for. You may feel overwhelmed with FCPX's color tools or you may even watch a film or project and say to yourself, "Why can't I grade like that?"

Well I know how you feel and I've been there. In fact I remember the day years ago that my boss told me my grading was either "too extreme" or "looked muddy." He then assigned the project to somebody else! This was a major blow to my creative ego and to say it made me feel inadequate is an understatement.

Well the good news is color grading is my obsession and so I didn't want to give up. Through years of practice and study I was able to discover the groundbreaking techniques that top colorists from around the world use. Techniques that I used when grading commercials for big brands like Facebook and on films with theatrical releases.

 Take. Action. 

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like knowing that you're getting the most cinematic look from your camera. How it would feel to be complimented on the style of your work. What would it mean to stand out from your competitors who are likely not even thinking of color grading or very good at it? And how would it feel to land a big project with a major client? You can do it and I'm here to help you.

Step-By-Step Mentoring

What if you were only one technique or tutorial away from getting the results you're looking for in Final Cut Pro X? What if there was someone willing to mentor you every step of the way? Someone willing to open up and share their top grading techniques and share with you how color theory can have an impact on your grading.

I have a keen interest in helping you to see results in your color grading. We have thousands of satisfied members but what I'm interested in where you're currently at, the struggles you're currently going through and helping you get to the finish line. When you feel confident in your abilities and you celebrate your success is when I'll celebrate. Feel free to peruse the masterclass curriculum and I'm always one email away if you have a question or need some feedback.

What You Get

  • A step-by-step color grading training program
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers from me
  • Over 40 in-depth training titles
  • Exercise files so you can download and follow along with
  • A  proper color grading workflow 
  • Easy to follow system for matching multiple cameras and shots in a scene 
  • Strategies to help you work more quickly and efficiently
  • In-depth series on getting proper and natural looking skin tones
  • In-depth color theory series so you can create "looks" that aid the story
  • Breakdown series on creating the looks of popular feature films
  • A certificate of completion upon completing the masterclass

Our Clients Include

 What Students Are Saying

"With Color Grading Central the sky really is the limit. I continue to use it to take my images to the next level and the next level after that. Personally I can't imagine where I would be had I not found this valuable valuable resource."
~ Brett Lyon/Filmmaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training live? How is the training administered?
The training consists of pre-recorded online tutorials that are well produced with densely packed material that stays on message and drives straight to the point. We have Disqus enabled discussions so you can interact with myself and other students but you are free to proceed at your own pace. 

How long will I have access to the training?
When signing up for the masterclass, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content and you're free to take the course at your own pace. There are no beginning or ending dates.

Are the tutorials downloadable?
Yes each title has a download option.

Will you be adding more content or what happens when a new version of Final Cut Pro comes out?
We are always on the look out to add new relevant content and are committed to updating the tutorials to the latest significant FCPX version.

30 Creative Look LUTs

You can't even buy these any longer and when they were for sale for a brief time in March of 2016 they sold for $147. When you enroll in the masterclass you get them as an exclusive FREE bonus!

Experience a whole new set of "looks" to elevate your grading style and attract clients to your brand. ASCEND LUTs are 30 creative "looks" to help you tell better stories including your own. Sourced from the same experience and expertise I used when working with the Instagram team on the video filters in the Instagram app I'm now opening up my personal Colorist library to you as a filmmaker and Colorist. 

Designed with careful attention to skin tones and to work in as many situations as possible (within a given context), these aren't cheap color casts or tints that will muddy up your image like other creative LUTs out there. With ASCEND LUTs you will experience the creative difference in pleasing color contrasts and color harmonies. ASCEND will help in better conveying the emotion in the story or setting up a particular genre. e.g. 1970's, SciFi/Thriller, Fashion etc.

I'm pleased to make these available to you and look forward to seeing better engagement in your videos with more 'likes', 'comments' and other opportunities that abound :)

You’re protected by the BEST GUARANTEE EVER. You have 30 days to check it out go through the masterclass and if by the end of that time you decide it’s not for you let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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