Color Grading Academy For Adobe Premiere

Color Grading That's A Class Above | taught by Denver Riddle
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Marcus Bruno

Very helpful to understand the basic workings of color grading

I got a lot of useful tips and am already using them : ) .

Lukas Babjak

Helpful & Informative color course

Thanks for all the work you have done in order to teach step by step coloring techniques. It was helpful and I believe it contributed to my future film-look-like projects.

George Anderson

Great Tutorials!

Thanks, Denver! These are great tutorials! And I'm happy to support. These will take my video editing to a new level and has removed the mystery from editing color in a fairly short amount of time as well. These tutorials are very efficient. Supe...

Marcus Bruno

I got a lot of useful tips and am already using them : ) .

Lukas Babjak

Thanks for all the work you have done in order to teach step by step coloring techniques. It was helpful and I believe it contributed to my future film-look-like projects.

George Anderson

Thanks, Denver! These are great tutorials! And I'm happy to support. These will take my video editing to a new level and has removed the mystery from editing color in a fairly short amount of time as well. These tutorials are very efficient. Supe...

Manuel Lidauer

Thank you very much for creating this course! Before buying this course I wasn't sure if I am going to learn a lot. But it definitely helped me a lot! You showed me so many new ways to get the results I was looking for. I wrote down notes for ev...

Jonathan NoLastName

Keomah King

Very educational! Learned a lot just in the first module. Anxious to start the rest....

Trevel Williams

Noam Fogel

There is a lot of information and it is conveyed in an understandable and clean way....

Esteban Medellin

I thought I could never understand Color Grading in my life. This has been so useful, amazing, fun and fast. The fact that you can make images better (or saving them) with understanding how color works and how to make it work, its so powerful. Of ...

Malcome Meyers

I thought I knew a little bit of information in regards to premiere but I really had no idea what you can really do with the software; that was just Module 1. Thanks again for the lessons Denver. I'm on to Module 2!

Justus Page

I've been shooting movies for 6 years now. And I've been pretty involved in post-coloring on many of them. But the things I learned just in Module 1 completely changed everything I thought I knew, and truly opened up a world of possibilities with ...

Jeteral Mitchell

I've just Completed Module 1 and All i can think is how i am so much better equipped to even begin my edits. after the first couple of lessons, i had already achieved enough value to say i am better and definitely can feel the added value. Time to...

Karl Whinnery

Wow, this was well worth the money! I learned so much so fast. Now to practice the hell out of it!!

David Joseph

April Tran

Keith Emerson

Amazing course! I learned a ton! Highly recommended! Thank you Denver!

Artur Krause

There is so mutch to learn about ColorGrading. This Course is interesting, easy to understand, it´s fun to watch and to practice. You learn the basics, the rules and you will be trusted with all the scopes. Thank you, Denver Riddle!

Jay Johnson

If you want to step your videos up a level then you definitely need to learn how to color. This was money well spent and it has helped me so much.

Sam Morgan

I had a very basic knowledge when it came to grading but the first module covered all I knew but it greater detail. I am pumped to jump into the other 3 modules as the topics inside of them are new to me. Very excited.

Paul Slowley

For years I have been trying over and over to understand color science and how to apply it to my projects. It gets to the point where it was so overwhelming trying to understand so I gave up. Now thanks to you Denver, you have compiled this course...

Lynette Ferraren

I am not really good with words but this course is simply amazing. I did not just learn how to use the tool but also the science behind color grading. Thank you Denver for this comprehensive course, would really recommend this to those who would ...

David Díaz

Surely one of the best investments i´ve done toward my filmmaking career. Its easy to follow and the information given is excellent!

Tyrece Snowden

Daniel Rolim

The course is amazing! Straight to the point, all the way! Denver is a great teacher! He makes every step of the process look easy. Also, all the questions that I had during the course, he answered quickly and gave it great attention. Thanks a ...

Christopher Poterson

Chi Hang Lee

Really tells us how to read the scopes and correct colors.

Gary Morrison

Why keep producing video with poor to average color. Get some training because that is what is required to stop making rooky mistakes. I highly recommend Color Grading Central! Tons of examples from many different types of cameras.

Oskar Rydlinger

Jeremy Ho

Thank you Denver, this was a really good course in my opinion. Learned a lot, had adequate resources provided and had fun doing it. I feel a lot more confident color grading now.

Daria Shadrina

hamza yusuf

Nothing is hidden and you have to respect Denver for that. For the price, the amount of knowledge and guidance given is unbeatable. If you're hesitating on whether or not to get this, STOP! Just pay the price, you won't regret it. If you're a f...

Robert Francis

Love the way this course is laid out. Easy to understand and follow.

Sharif Chauncey

Patrik Jacobsson

I have been watching a lot of you tube video on how to color correct and grading. And i think I have learned a lot from all those great you tubers out there. But I always had feeling that there was something missing. And the thing that I miss...

rodney usher


Robert Rodriguez

Great tutorials, Denver teaches clearly and precisely how to become a better colorist, you do not get bored he goes to the point in a few minutes keep you interested all the way through, wonderful !!!

Allen Wilson

Allowed me to break down the basics that I knew and into more detail. The lessons being in order kept me from having to mine info from youtube, wasting time from person to person and sorting through reviews to find. Great purchase and a lot faster...

Jake Payne

I've taken a lot of online courses in premiere pro but this is by far the best. 100% worth every penny I spent on it.

Howard Wilson

Javier Marquez

informative especially if beginner to adobe premiere pro lumetri color. I like how easy Denver makes it. Towards the last exercise seem to be by eye no real explanation why use curves over basic correction over color wheels, when he was editing th...

Matthias Gänswein EMGE DESIGN

The title says it all: I've learned so much in these tutorials and they are very easy to understand!

Digambar Kolekar

Thank you very much for giving me the precious knowledge about color grading. There were many confusions in my mind, but many of them are washed out. I am very excited to go-ahead for next session

Jason Furrate

Color grading has been my Achilles heel forever (since 1978). Finally, I "get it" thanks to Denver's course. This is easy to follow, comprehensive and very upbeat. It was a steal at the price... One on one, this training would be at least $2500. I...

Elliot Baker

could do with explain some parts a bit more like the WHY you are doing somethings (most parts you do explain why) so far this is the best course online i have ever done though!

Pasquale Giovine

Amol Pol

Denver you are Swan who is simply surfing in Ocean of Colors.

David Moum

You can find tutorials everywhere on YouTube and each one will tell you something different. Through this course, Denver not only teaches you the "tricks of the trade" but also the rudimentary skills needed to work with different color profiles, d...

Samuel Meijer

This is the universal first aid kit for videographers who no longer want to GUESS how to color grade their videos. I can now work confident with colors. I'm only half way through, but I know that every penny was well spent on this course.

Tatchapol Yubmanboriboon

So great, he is the teacher that can dig deep in all detail. Thank a lot

Mike Pain

I am amazed at what I already know and how much this improves on my weaknesses. I've spent countless hours of sieving through opinions, theory, techniques, etc. It takes too much time I do not have to process that information. With the tutorials p...

Phuc Nguyen

I love it!

sumit dhaliwal


Ali Abrar

Very helpful

hemy paris


Denis Strahhov

Peter Taylor

Dylon Algire

I have been editing videos and doing amateur color grading for a while now, and this course is just teaching me so much! It's very thorough, nicely paced, and easy to understand. Thanks for making such a wonderful class!

Denver Riddle
Denver Riddle

About the instructor

Hi I’m Denver. Yeah I know like the city and no I wasn’t born or conceived there :P In high school I borrowed my grandmother’s digital camcorder (the first "MiniDV" camera to the market which technically belonged to the university where she taught) and made extreme sports videos with my friends… luckily we returned it in one piece… She still doesn’t know what exactly I was using it for, shhh our little secret ;)
From that moment forward I knew that I was destined to create things with video to either capture experiences or tell powerful stories. When I discovered color grading I felt like it was a powerful extension of what I was capturing on camera. A way to enhance the story and one of the keys to making it look like a big Hollywood production.
And so I decided to pursue a career as a colorist but quickly found there weren’t many resources or many people willing to help. It seemed like it was some sort of elitist club where you had pay your dues as an ‘assistant’ for a decade before you got a crack at the big fancy control surface.
Well the good news is that isn’t the only way to do it and I did NOT do it that way. I learned that armed with the right techniques and some practice it can really go a long ways and where it took me years to discover some of the techniques you can start learning them today!
I’ve had the pleasure of working with various clients and fortune 500 companies, from national commercial spots to feature films, from the U.S. Ski Team to Facebook and Instagram. I've been able to help thousands enjoy what I love and you can trust my experience and my commitment to hold nothing back.
Do something great today and create what you love!

Why Can't I Color Grade Like That?

Chances are you're either a filmmaker or an editor and you handle all of you're own color grading inside of Premiere (the buck stops with you). But you might be feeling frustrated when you're not getting the results that you're looking for. You may feel overwhelmed with the Lumetri Color panel or you may even watch a film or project and say to yourself, "Why can't I grade like that?"

Well I know how you feel and I've been there. In fact I remember the day years ago that my boss told me my grading was either "too extreme" or "looked muddy." He then assigned the project to somebody else! This was a major blow to my creative ego and to say it made me feel inadequate is an understatement.

Well the good news is color grading is my obsession and so I didn't want to give up. Through years of practice and study I was able to discover the groundbreaking techniques that top colorists from around the world use. Techniques that I used when grading commercials for big brands like Facebook and on films with theatrical releases.

 Take. Action. 

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like knowing that you're getting the most cinematic look from your camera. How it would feel to be complimented on the style of your work. What would it mean to stand out from your competitors who are likely not even thinking of color grading or very good at it? And how would it feel to land a big project with a major client? You can do it and I'm here to help you.

Step-By-Step Mentoring

What if you were only one technique or tutorial away from getting the results you're looking for in Adobe Premiere? What if there was someone willing to mentor you every step of the way? Someone willing to open up and share their top grading techniques and share with you how color theory can have an impact on your grading.

The Color Grading Masterclass for Adobe Premiere is 6 months in the making. Yes you heard that right, 6 months to ensure that all the basics, virtually every question is covered and no stone left unturned. We have surveyed extensively and have received feedback from our members so that we know all the key points to cover.

I have a keen interest in helping you to see results in your color grading. We have thousands of satisfied members but what I'm interested in where you're currently at, the struggles you're currently going through and helping you get to the finish line. When you feel confident in your abilities and you celebrate your success is when I'll celebrate. Feel free to peruse the masterclass curriculum and I'm always one email away if you have a question or need some feedback.

What You Get

  • A step-by-step color grading training program
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers from me
  • Nearly 70 in-depth training titles
  • Exercise files so you can download and follow along with
  •  proper color grading workflow 
  • Easy to follow system for matching multiple cameras and shots in a scene 
  • Strategies to help you work more quickly and efficiently
  • In-depth series on getting proper and natural looking skin tones
  • In-depth color theory series so you can create "looks" that aid the story
  • Breakdown series on creating the looks of popular feature films
  • A certificate of completion upon completing the masterclass

Our Clients Include

 What Students Are Saying

"With Color Grading Central the sky really is the limit. I continue to use it to take my images to the next level and the next level after that. Personally I can't imagine where I would be had I not found this valuable valuable resource."
~ Brett Lyon/Filmmaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training live? How is the training administered?
The training consists of pre-recorded online tutorials that are well produced with densely packed material that stays on message and drives straight to the point. We have Disqus enabled discussions so you can interact with myself and other students but you are free to proceed at your own pace. 

How long will I have access to the training?
When signing up for the masterclass, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content and you're free to take the course at your own pace. There are no beginning or ending dates.

Are the tutorials downloadable?
Yes each title has a download option available.

Will you be adding more content or what happens when a new version of CC comes out?
We are always on the look out to add new relevant content and are committed to updating the tutorials to the latest significant CC version.

You’re protected by the BEST GUARANTEE EVER. You have 30 days to check it out go through the masterclass and if by the end of that time you decide it’s not for you let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Course Contents

69 Videos
2 Texts
9 Disqus

Course Curriculum

Module 01
Module 02
Module 04